Murano, Gas Cost & You

The art of Murano Glass we all love is at severe risk. They had barely survived the crisis of COVID when they were required to close, confined to their homes and in fact many did not. Now the cost of gas has increased over 600% from .25 Euro per cubic meter to 1.27 Euro.

Murano Furnace

This rise in cost is felt both in the larger glass furnaces, like the one which produce the canes we use in our beads and is repeated as even the torches used to make beads use gas. And the cost of the raw materials such as sand and the mineral oxides used in the production of the glass and colors has increased as much as 50%.

The hope is that the Italian government (whichever one wins on 25 September) will come up with funds so that the history of Murano and Glass does not die. And so that families can heat their homes this winter.

The Art of Glass of Murano: Born 1291, Dies 2022

This sign in a glass furnace on Murano says it all: The Glass of Murano was born in 1291 and dies in 2022. 1291 was the year the furnaces were moved from Venice to Murano, a solid 731 years of continuing glass making.

Those who can have stocked up on the ever decreasing supply of Effetre glass canes. Effetre is using this opportunity to clear out their enormous stock of glass canes. Already gone are some of the filigrana as are some of the pasta (the solid colors) that we use in our beads. We will have to be creative in making beads.

So in the short time, we are expecting price increases in our beads as they cannot produce and sell at loss. We will do all we can to help maintain this historic industry and maintain prices as we can.

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  1. September 25, 2022 at 11:47 am

    This is such a difficult time, my heart goes out to the artisans and families, can only pray that for a positive outcome! Thanks for this post Brenda, thinking of you too, as I know this is difficult and most likely ever so challenging.

  2. Marilyn B
    September 28, 2022 at 9:05 am

    This is just so very sad. I hope the government will step in and help this iconic and historic art form!

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