Our Favorite Table Favors

Each year we make table decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas and they are small gifts to remember the day. Some of our biggest kids (over 90) love them as well as the smaller ones who can’t wait to eat the treats. We got a head start this year as we used the same base from Thanksgiving for our Christmas. The process usually starts with a visit to the candy store and then arts and crafts stores with an open mind for ideas.Santa & Tree for IAF

Santa Tree First Version

We made 50 Santa and Christmas tree table favors for our friend’s Italian American Federation Christmas dinner.  This took on a production line look as we lined up the candies and decorations. Fortunatel, we could eat our mistakes.   Some years are more elaborate than others. Our most difficult undertaking was a couple of years ago when one of our Italian families spent Christmas with us and we were some 35 people at dinner. The table favor that year was a stocking, completely handmade and decorated along with their names written. It was the holder for the silverware and the name cards for dinner. Usually we don’t need name cards, but trying to sit guest who only speak Italian so they have a translator nearby requires a bit of organization.

Stocking Table Place Cards
Gingerbread Man

 Stocking to hold Silverware Gingerbreadmen with Names

Cones Frosted as Trees

Ice cream cones Frosted and DecoratedThis is is relatively easy to make, it begins with ice cream cones which you decorate with an icing which dries hard. We use Royal Icying and sprinkles, balls and an a candy star on top.The kids decorated all the cones for this dinner. The kids tend to put as many colors as possible. With the Royal Icing, you can make in advance. Marcella demonstrated how to make this year’s treat. At the end of the day, we had made so many retakes we ran out of KitKats and had eaten too much chocolate! Watch to learn.Supplies:(1) Base, we used KitKats because they are sturdy.(2) Candy Figurine (Santa, Reindeer, etc)(3) Kisses or Gum Drops for the tree. We used peppermint striped Kisses because they are tasty and add color.(4) Cookie Icing (You can make your own, or it’s easy for kids to use the prepackaged as Marcella does). We make these for all the holidays. They are fun for Mother’s Day, 4th of July, any occasion. Just change the figurines and decorations to make it yours. It’s about traditions, start your holiday tradition this year. 

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