Snow & High Water

The Snow was a present for me as I absolutely love this magnificant city under a white blanket of snow. It began early in the day and continued until late afternoon. At first it was not sticking and we were trying to make pictures of the flakes, afraid it would not stay. Enjoy these and we’ll post them all when we have better access to internet.

Gondola in Snow San Marco Square

 Gondole in San Marco with snow.

Snow in Venice 2013

Small square in Snow, Carnival 2013 Venezia

A small square with snow, Venice Italy

A small campo near the church Miracoli in Venice Itay.

Scene from Murano Snow 2013

A small street in Murano in the snow.

Chiesa San Donato Murano Italy

The beautiful chiesa, church, San Donato, Murano Italy.Watch for more pictures.

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