Selling Your Jewellry

Many of our customers start out making jewelry as a hobby, or because they can’t find original jewelry and don’t want to buy mass produced pieces and sometimes it’s to design around a specific outfit or occasion. Then…their friends or co-workers see their beautiful pieces and start asking for their own jewelry. It’s a pretty common story. Believe me, I understand this as it’s pretty much how we got into the business. I bought some beautiful pieces in Venice and all my friends began asking me to buy for them when I went back. Because we had a son-in-law from the area, we were going back and forth a lot. It you are at this junction, there are so many parts of the business to consider. I recommend selling for a while to this ready-made group of customers, who can give you feedback, let you know if something falls apart, or just doesn’t work. After selling to this close group of people, consider home parties before you sign up for fairs or shows. From your friends, you can branch out without spending a lot. For the home party, you can reward the hostess with a piece of jewelry of her choice. Home parties are still intimate, and friends will help sell your jewelry as they can try on, and admire each other’s choices. The profits you get from this part of your new occupation can go towards stocking your inventory. But don’t over stock on anything, be frugal as you are still learning what your customers like and don’t like.   Google

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