There’s an App for Venice!

Traveling can be frustrating especially in foreign cities where you may have trouble with the language. We found several apps that our local friends have to make our lives easier in Venice, knowing when the next vaporetto arrives and in traveling by train to other parts of Italy. But before you go, there are some other apps to help you.   Remember to download the apps (or update) before you go, so you won’t be wasting your minutes. The ones listed below are all free.

Venice is a bit like a maze in the daytime, at night, well it is like a maze but you are blindfolded! We recommend taking some time to get an overview of the area, being sure to have written the phone number of your hotel, the address and the closest vaporetto stop. Here are some apps that will make you look like a local.

Choose your airline seat wiselyI am sure there’s a job for us giving out directions in Venice if our bead business ever bores us!

Choose your airline seat wisely. Today you can find so much information on line, SeatGuru will give you the layout of the plane and help you choose a seat so you can sleep.

Today it’s impossible (or so it seems) for us to be unattached to an internet for any period of time. Make the best of the free WiFi in any city with this handy app. The beauty of this app is that it doesn’t rUse this App to find free WiFi wherever you travelequire you to be online to use it. Remember to download the latest data to your phone or other device before you leave home. However remember to be careful logging onto a free WiFi.

Getting around Venice. You wouldn’t be the first tourist to find the boats going back and forth to be a bit confusing. We all know the boats we take daily, but to go to a spot we don’t go often, this is the app that we use. It will give you the next departure time and intermediate stops.

Use this App to help you travel by vaporetto in Venice Italy

Finally, the app that lets you know what shoes to wear! If you see black walking shoes, then you are in the clear and there will be no high water (acqua alta). This app was developed with the collaboration of the Instituzione Centro Previsione e Segnalazione Maree of Venice (ICPSM) and gives you the forecast for the following 2 days. 

See if you need to wear bootsAs the streets of Venice are at different heights above (or below) sea level, you have the choice of looking at a number of locations. San Marco Square is among the lowest and will begin flooding very quickly. Venice has 2 tides each day, so if you are going to be out several hours, you will need to look at the forecast for the day.

Download these apps from for your device:

SeatGuru, WiFi Finder, iVenice, hi!tide Venice

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