Carnival 2014 WrapUp

Here’s the best and worst of Carnival 2014, (Carnevale Venezia). We’ve put all the pictures together on youtube in a 12minute segment. It’s clear from these pictures that some days were better than others.
Watch on YouTube 

Watch the pictures from Carnival on Youtube
Wet Weather and High Water - Best Seller? Boots

Maltempo & Aqua Alta

The weather did not cooperate nor did the high water. You can see from the pictures that many tourist were in those so very attractive plastic boots!  Best sellers for these days were? Boots and Umbrellas.

The crowd fell slightly due to the weather, and the hotels complained of cancellations, but there still were huge crowds, especially on days with a little sun.

The water soaked costumes are visible at times, as are the oh so grey skies. The final day, Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday) saw rain and high water at 1p.m. in San Marco. But by the closing ceremonies the water had receded and the carnival concluded as planned.

The theme this year was about fables.Favorite Scenes & Costumes:

In keeping with this years theme of fables of Europe and Italy, I think these guys get the prize. This is the big dilemma each year, create a costume to the theme or go with the classics. I think I favor the traditional, beautiful gowns from centuries ago.
IF you plan on entering the “Best Mask” contest, you’d better adhere to the theme. It requires lots of imagination and recent winners have mostly been art students.

Flight of Carolina Kostner, The Eagle Flight of the Turks, no the Angel, no make that Eagle
The history of the “flying” events for Carnival date back to the mid 16th century when a Turkish acrobat walked a rope from a boat tied up just outside San Marco to the top of the San Marco Bell Tower and on to the balcony on the Doge’s Palace in honor of the Doge.

Carolina Kostner: Flight of the Eagle

One of the highlights of this year’s event was Italy’s own Carolina Kostner, Bronze Metal Winner at the Sochi Olympics appearing in the Flight of the Eagle. She braved the wind and rain to glide across from the Bell Tower to the Stage. Thousands of people turned out to cheer for her, not only for surviving the flight but for her huge success in skating.

Fallen Angels – Oops!
In later days one of the acrobats was costumed in angel wings and flew along a rope, much like today, from the bell tower to the palace square. The Doge was so impressed that he renamed the event Flight of the Angel. However in 1759 an acrobat angel accidentally fell during the flight (guess the cables weren’t so good in those days). That was the end of the flying acrobats and instead of these talented fellows, wooden doves were used, not nearly so entertaining.

La Marie and her Court Arriving in San Marco

Angels Reinstated
2001 saw the Angels reinstated, times change and equipment is better to prevent (we hope) any “fallen Angels”.  For 2014, Julia Nasi, the winner of last year’s Marie Contest flew embracing the Doge to officially kick off the beginning of the festival.

Favorite Photo:
Has to be this couple standing at the water’s edge.

My favorite picture - the classic view of Venice

Flight of the Leone
The final day, the Flight of the Leone signals the end of the festivities. Don’t get excited, it’s not a real lion, rather the flag of the Republic of Venice, La Serenissima. And it is accompanied by the Venetians who are in the square singing very loudly in Veneziano.

How do you know Carnival is Over?
The Leone Flies and there are no more Fritelle – See You Next Year!

The end of Carnival 2014 is marked by the Leone
The last of the Fritelle


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