USPS Wipes Out the UK

The USPS Wipes Out Shipping to the UK

If you are trying to checkout and you do not see USPS First Class International Mail as an Option, (or maybe do not see any options for shipping to the UK).  We are working on this problem. When I say we, I mean the entire US Postal Web service.

It seems they made an update to their database on 7 September and sort of wiped out the UK or at least any connection to our shopping cart.  Thus began the finger pointing.

Now as far as I can tell, the US is still on amicable terms with all you lovely people. And I am sure the USPS meant no harm. But also I am sure you can imagine how many meetings it will take to resolve this and heavens help us if it has to go to Congress!

So, how do we work around this until this is resolved (though daily they do report to me, yes I am rather impressed).

  1. Email us  when you are through shopping: (or put in a CRM – through your account)
  2. Tell us in your email how you want it shipped.
  3. We will take it from there! 
  4. We will calculate the postage, pick and pack your order and send you a paypal invoice.
  5. You will get your beads!

And we’ll post when this mess is resolved.

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