Lets Go Window Shopping in Venice

Part of every trip is window shopping for inspiration. It is always good to see that someone else here in Venice has a similar approach. Imagine our surprise when we saw similar beads to our new Sfumato shades in the windows in San Marco, well I guess it is just confirmation that we have a good idea.

In these pictures you will see many of our popular Murano Glass Beads as they are used in designs and sold in Venice. It’s no coincidence, our bead makers have been selling to the stores in San Marco and around for years. Naturally if you make beads, you probably also make jewelry because you have lots of beads.

Venetian Jewelry in Store in San Marco
Venice, an  Opulence of Color

Venice is so full of colors found in the incredible chandeliers and Murano Glass sculptures, Vases and Animals that the jewely has to be a bit over-the-top to compete.

Red Venetian Glass JewelryBut notice that there are few findings in this jewelry. Mostly it is Murano Glass and Conterie (small seedbead). Originally the seed bead were produced also in Murano, however the foreign manufacturers like the Czech and Japanese gradually replaced them in the market and no seed bead have been produced in Murano in recent years. 

If you look closely, you can see some of the prices, they are in Euro and they are not inexpensive.

Even though the finest of precious metal findings for jewelry are produced in Italy, you find few of them used in the jewelry of Venice and Murano. Often the beads are strung simply with just knotting between. The jewelry makers in Murano can carry on a conversation and never miss a knot.


Because they have glass and because for them there is more profit in selling what they make, rather than buy precious metals for which the market fluctuates hourly.

Transparent Venetian Glass Jewelry
Can your Spot our VenetianBeadShop.com Beads?

What about our Gold Foil Discs? or our Spiralina Discs?

Or our Luna Rounds,

Cubes and Sasso?

And there are our little squares in gold foils, all our rounds in 24kt Gold Foil, Sterling Silver.

Take a lesson in not being afraid to mix colors. Look how beautiful our little transparent cubes are in this simple but colorful necklace. In Venice bright and bold colors are everywhere. Don’t be afraid to embrace the joy of these vibrant colors. So take an inspiration from the Venetians.

Venetian Paintings Vendor San Marco

The colors are not only in the jewelry, take a look at this vendor who sells paintings along the walkway in front of San Marco.

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