Blown Beads – Sculptured

Choose the outside Color Blown Murano Glass Beads

When it comes to our sculpted Blown Beads, you have to think in 3d. The outside color is only part of the story. Selecting canes, you need to be able to visualize the effect when the outside layer is ground away.

We work with our Master Glass Blower to come up with the designs. Sometimes this involves not only sketches, but trips to the Effetre factory to search for just the canes we need.  We are fortunate to have a blower who is willing to collaborate with us through out the design and production phases.

Choosing the Canes - the Inside is Important

When he was unhappy with the results of the grinding, (molare, in Italian), he bought his own grinder and taught his wife how to help. He is precise in all he does, a really important assets for our jewelry making.

Sometimes when we are in Murano and without good internet access, we visit his backyard and use his wifi, This is truly collaboration at all levels! And did I mention that the backyard comes with refreshments???

Working on Designs - Murano Glass Beads, Blown

The Inside is as Important as the Outside – Think 3D
When it comes to these beads, we have to consider what is inside the canes. What colors do we want exposed.  when the beads cool and are ground.

The result are our beautiful beads, they are each little works of art and our blower a master in his craft. Use these to make beautiful Murano Glass Bead Jewelry, and enjoy a bit of the history of  Murano.

Inside Outside and Now Finished

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