Useful Apps for Venice, Italy

If you are traveling to the city of Venice in Italy, there are some useful apps that you may want to download before you go. While these apps have nothing to do with sites to see or places to eat, they are essential to getting around Venice and being prepared as you go about.
The first handy app that you will want to download to your iPhone is: hi!tide Venice (see picture below). This app gives you up to date information on acqua alta including the times the water is expected to peak, the maximum level, and area specific flooding information. Not all areas flood equally as some areas are lower than others. The area around San Marco is one of the lowest areas and the first to flood.  If you are a tourist and do not have boots, there are plastic waders which cost under 15Euro which you can buy to salvage your Venetian experience. And just think of the stories you’ll have to tell when you get home.

hi!tide Venice App for Tracking High Water in Venice

The next must have app is: iVenice (see pic below), which can help you find the right vaporetto to take and the arrival and departure times by location. There are some recent changes in the route numbering system that are not yet reflected in this app, so check for app updates before you go.  Remember as a tourist not to block the entrance to the vaporetto. Many times, more than one boat line stops at a single boat stop. Locals know which one it is, but tourist often just stand in front blocking the entrance. Ask someone in the crowd if you are unsure, there will always be someone who understands enough of your language to help.

Vaporetto Route Schedule App for iPhone

One of my favorite apps tells you which vaporetto (boats) CheBateo, Bateo is boat in the Venetian dialect. There are route schedules at each boat stop, but trying to understand them may be a challenge. This app is always up to date and makes it simple.Note you can choose your language. You will need to be on a wifi to use it. 

What Boat?

Download from Apps stores Apple or Google
Use these apps to help make your Venice trip a little easier and to help you prepare ahead of time so that you can enjoy your stay.

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