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Show Time


Well a few years ago we quit doing shows. The travel, shipping 800-1200 pounds of beads to far away places and night flights had lost their appeal. But this weekend, we did our first show. It was very close, only 2 miles from our shop. If we had a lot of time to think about it,…

From Canes to Murano Glass Beads for Jewelry

Torch from the Side View

Our beads all take a similar path arriving here to have photography made, get names, assign Product Codes and finally to you. We begin with the famous Effetre glass canes which are produced on the island of Murano in much the same fashion as hundreds of years ago. The Effetre factory is a secretive place…

Why Buy Murano – Venetian Beads

Playing with Fire, Making Beads

We published this article a few years ago, but it is still valid. I was prompted to update it when a reader on our FaceBook Page commented on a  picture of beads and saying “wow so expensive, i find these places …. i go to garage sales, and regular stores and can get some amazing glass beads…

Calcedonia Murano Glass Beads

Murano Glass Beads,Calcedonia Murano Glass

Calcedonia Murano Glass was developed in Murano during the mid fifteenth century. In the glossary of glass, written in Murano, Angelo Barovier is attributed with developing this polychrome glass in 1460. The secret of this glass was closely guarded and entirely lost when the Venetian Republic fell. It was once again rediscovered by Lorenza Radi…