Bead and Button Magazine and Show Calls It Quits

The news arrived unexpectedly a short email notice that Bead and Button, the beloved magazine is closing. No one in the industry had heard whispers of this. I quizzed everyone! But alas it was a “corporate” decision that “things are not as lucrative as they once were”. October will be their last issue and of course our last advertisement. We have advertised in the magazine since 1998, so a good 20+ years. It was our first advertisement buy and in those days, it was all about beading. And it was always a good investment.
The Bead and Button Show was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June of each year. We exhibited in the show only one year. It was difficult to get an invite and it conflicted with other business. But in 2013, we made the cut!  Usually we ship by truck to shows, but the Bead and Button Show was back to back to a show in Las Vegas, so our only solution was to drive 800 pounds of beautiful Murano Glass Beads from Las Vegas to Milwaukee….A real road trip. 

The show was amazing. We had exhibited at Tuscon for years, but there was a much more intimate feeling to Bead and Button as it was all under one roof, everyone was into beading and there were millions of classes. It was like a family reunion. And the sheer number of beads was exhausting.
I can’t question the thought process of the owners of the magazine and show (well actually I can). It appears that the decision stems from the same thing I see at every show. I keep saying we got to get some younger friends. And that the number of advertisers was decreasing as were the number of participants at the shows. I just wish some really innovative people had found a way to keep the magazine going and of course the show because I still believe there is a place for them both. Because there are many shows, and some may say too many. But the quality of this show, the teachers at the show were in a class of its own.
Bead and Button appreciated its advertisers and the people who wrote articles. Each year at Tucson for years they hosted a night to celebrate with their advertisers. For many years it was in the local museum. 
And if the COVID19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that everyone needs a hobby, something you can do with your hand, something creative! to stay sane!
You can read the article written in the Craft Industry Allicance which quotes  Dan Hickey, CEO of Kalmbach Media. You can draw your own conclusion. (Click Here)
Now I am sorry I threw out all those old issues when we made our last warehouse move. 
And I wish we could have had a Farewell Party! Best wishes to everyone there in their future careers.

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