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FTC New Rules for Jewelry – What You Need to Know

Gold,Gold Bar,24kt Gold Foil,Precious Metals

As a designer, artist and jewelry maker, it is unlikely you spend a lot of time contemplating the┬árules laid our by the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, but as┬ápersons, partnerships, corporations at every level of the trade who are engages in manufacturing, distributing and the sale of products, you too are subject to these requirements. For…

Gold, Gold Fill, Gold Plate and Vermeil – What You Need to Know

Gold Plating, Gold Fill Jewelry Components

Gold (24kt) is really too soft for daily wear (and expensive) so Gold jewelry is generally alloyed with another metal to maker it stronger. It bears the mark of the karat weight. So 14/24kt Gold is 58.3% Gold, divide the karat weight by 24 (pure gold) to get the actual gold in a piece. Gold…

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