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Venetian Beads and Pantone Winter Colors

VenetianBeadShop Colors 24kt Gold Foil Beads

Top10 colors Pantone Winter 2018/2019 I can skip the yellows….my least favorite and it is a hard color for us to make in Venetian Beads. The “Quetzal Green” had me a bit perplexed, but I looked it up and it could either mean a bird of the trogon family, with iridescent green plumage and typically red…

Pantone Colors Fall Winter 2015-16 with Venetian Glass Beads

Fall 2015/Winter 2016 Pantone Colors

Here are some ideas of our authentic Murano Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals which go with the colors for Fall and Winter. In the words of Pantone: “Fall/Winter 2015: An Evolving Color Landscape The season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect…

Black is Back! Great Fashion News for Most of Us

How many black jackets do you have? Shoes? Pants? Sweaters? If you are like me, your closet has too many of these to count and when you go to the store, you keep looking at more black backets, shoes, purses….. Well there’s good news. The runways of Milan and Paris were filled with new black…

Pantone® Fashion Color Report Spring 2015

Time to get started on your projects for spring. Here’s Pantone’s choices. You’ll find these colors featured in clothing, accessories like handbags and shoes in all the department stores. You can make your own jewelry to match, just follow these color trends. You can download and print a PDF of this to have handy by…

The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color

Whether you are designing jewelry to sell or making jewelry for yourself and friends, the numbers in this chart are fascinating. And you might even learn something about yourself. This infographic was compiled from several online sources (the credits are at the bottom of the infographic). Psychology of Color Infographic. “A lot more is going on…

Swarovski Color Wheel

Use the Swarovski Color Carousel to help you design your Venetian Jewelry.

Whether you are a seasoned jewelry designer or new to the art, the Swarovski Color Carousel is a great tool. Want to know which colors are Main, Harmonious or Contrasting, Just move the bar along the bottom line and you’ll get your color combinations. Swarovski Color Carousel