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Carnevale Ends with the Flight of the Leone

Venice,Venezia,Carnevale di Venezia,Venice,Venezia

For those of you who follow VenetianBeadShop, you know that we are in Venice “working” and enjoying Carnevale. The weather has been beautiful, warmer than usual. Today is the closing and it ends with the flight of the Leone. When I first went to Carnevale, I thought someone dressed as a lion would slideup the…

Video: Zanfirico Curved Tubes Murano Glass Beads -the Art of Bead Making

Video of Making Venetian Beads, Zanfirico Murano Glass Beads

Sometimes making Murano beads is like one of those games you play where you try to see the differences between two cartoons. Or “one of these things is not like the other”. We were working on a slightly different version of one of our zanfirico* beads to make it a little more production friendly. Two…