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Murano – Glass Island & Italy Magazine

We just wrote an article for Italy Magazine, the online magazine is a great source of news for Italy and what is going on. You can read the entire story here: https://www.italymagazine.com/featured-story/brief-history-murano-glass-told-expert It is an online magazine that you can subscribe to for free and enjoy stories of all the regions of Italy, places to…

Calcedonia Glass – Technique from the 15th Century, Lost and ReFound!

Calcedonia Murano Glass Sculptures,Rosin,San Marco Square,Venetian Glass

     Calcedonia (Chalcedony) is a glass made with silver and other elements (glass is above all a chemical reaction which takes place in heat), developed in Murano during the mid fifteenth century. Angelo Barovier is attributed with developing this polychrome glass around 1460 (the 15th Century).The Barovier name has been synonymous with Murano Glass since the furnaces…

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