What Really Goes on at VenetianBeadShop.com

What really goes on at VenetianBeadShop.com
Picking Beads at Venetian Bead ShopI thought I’d give you a little insight of what we’re working on here at VenetianBeadShop.com and the daily “struggles” to keep our website fresh, our products the best and our selection unsurpassed. And of course getting your beads shipped out to you ASAP.
Some days when our new boxes of beads come in we feel like Christmas. Other days when only a portion of it arrives or the colors are off (here’s where you get lots of specials) we feel like really disappointed children on Christmas morning.
It all begins with us working with the bead maker, we have to specify colors ever sooo precisely and even then Moretti will produce a batch of canes which are simply off. Then of course there is the “lost in translations” between the day we decide and the day they sit down to make the beads. And the difference in what beads they think are urgent versus what I think are urgent.
Or simply we are waiting on Moretti to produce the right canes. This happens especially often in the millefiori which require a specific millimeter bead to produce.
Website Woes:
Then there’s the website…..computers often have a way of disrupting everything. Microsoft or Foxfire or Safari launch a software update which throws all our website to the far right of the screen or worse yet, you (our customers) can’t get past step 1. (By the way we urge you to update your Foxfire and that is not easy.)
misssylviaWe are a small company, and Jeff is IT manager, Web Designer, Jewelry Artist, Findings Guru and sometimes he even gets some work done. I am chief translator in Italian, bead expeditor, bead designer, specials star and newsletter editor and most days chief cook! And of course, barista extraordinaire, Miss Sylvia, our espresso machine is always on ready for a cappuccino.
And did I forget to mention that we have four grandchildren who demand their equal attention.

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