Murano Glass Beads: New Designs


We are working on new color designs for the winter and spring. Somewhere in the design process we were inspired to design around the new Swarovski Blends, and as we began playing with the colors and shapes, an entire line began to form in our minds.And we just began to play with colors. What you see here are our initial designs, the final shapes are still in process. We knew that we wanted some organic shapes. Now we are also working on Murano Glass Bead rondelles which will match these, as we invision necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are many more designs underway and we will be posting more. So tell us what you think about these. We began only with the natural colors of the glass, but decided to try some with silver and gold. Take a look at the Swarovski Blends to see how you can use these together. We named them Sfumatura which means “Shades” in English because the colors melt into clear and to the second color. We hope you’ll like these Murano Glass Beads in almost watercolor shades.  Tell us what you think and which ones you like. Do you like the gold and center foil in the center or just the bicolors.               Google

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