Murano Glass Bead Colors Overload

Beads Begin As a Round

The beginnings of almost every bead begins with a sfere (round). From there the decorations are added. 
The colors of Venice are so vibrant that it is easy here to go overboard. Every window is filled with the bright colors of the 24kt gold foil and necklaces heavy laden with Murano Glass Beads. the pendants are enormous. It is natural, they sell what they make. 
 If you go to Florence you find a concentration of gold jewelry on the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno river. 
 We have been working for sometime here in Venice. Part of every trip is window shopping for inspiration. It is always good to see that someone else here in Venice has a similar approach. Imagine our surprise when we saw similar beads to our new Sfumatura shades in the windows in San Marco, well I guess it is just confirmation that we have a good idea. 

New Designs in Murano Glass Beads from VenetianBeadShop

We went a bit overboard on these colors. You can see that we tried multiple colors and different sizes of decoration. 
We think they are all great, and difficult to choose. But we think the ones with Vinace (a deep purple) are the best. And we will have in the lentil, disc as shown, as well as rounds in several sizes.
Later we will post pictures of new great mosaics we are designing. These we will use in our pendants and larger focal beads.


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