How the Nuvola Murano Glass Bead is Made

How to Make a Nuvola Murano Glass Bead

 This popular Venetian Bead is one of the first beads a bead maker is taught after they learn to make the aventurine beads. The process is similar but with white frit instead of aventurine. The heart made here begins with an aima (body) of clear Murano Glass and is then rolled into a bowl of white roughly ground Murano Glass (frit). As you can see here this heart begins as a gum drop shape which is then formed into the heart using the tools. The tools required to make this bead are few and the technique simple.

Bead Making Tools

 The small anima is rolled in the rough frit to give it the “clouds” appearance. A transparent color of Murano Glass encases the clouds. 

The clouds are formed by rolling in rough frit.

              It’s also easy here to see how the base bead could be formed into many different shapes.Google

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