The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color Whether you are designing jewelry to sell or making jewelry for yourself and friends, the numbers in this chart are fascinating. And you might even learn something about yourself.

This infographic was compiled from several online sources (the credits are at the bottom of the infographic). Psychology of Color Infographic. “A lot more is going on behind the scenes than just aesthetic. Powerful psychological cues are triggered when we view different colors.” from

Take a look at the logos that we all know from major brands and learn why they chose these colors. Is it any surprise that Blue is a favorite of men? Or that Green is the color associated with environmental friendly companies (or those wanting to appear as environmentally friendly) or that Red is the choice for so many international brands?

Why do companies choose Red?

Why do companies choose Red?


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Color Trends Spring 2015




With 93% purchases based on color, there’s no wonder everyone from furniture makers, carpet manufacturers and of course jewelry and fashion designers live by the Pantone® Forecast and Trends. (You can find the Spring 2015 Color Trends on our website.


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