Making a Wire Wrapped Chain with Margot Potter

Making wire wraps are a basic skill set for anyone wanting to make jewelry. The benefits of a wire wrap are (1) it’s secure (2) it doesn’t hang on clothing or hair (3) it looks professional! (4) You’ll be so proud you’ll want to make MORE!

So overcome that hesitancy to tackle a new skill. Your jewelry will be all the better for it. It’s perfect for that Rosary you always planned on making.

You’ll need the following tools and supplies:

  • 2 Chain Nose Pliers
  • 1 Round Nose Plier
  • 1 Flush Cutter
  • German Style Wire (24 gauge)
  • 8mm Beads
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • 1 Clasp
  • (you can find all the supplies on our website) VenetianBeadShop

We would use our 8mm Venetian Beads of course, but Swarovski would also be good.

The length you want will determine how many beads you need. Assume that a fully completed link with 1 bead and wirewraps on both sides will measure approximately 1-1 1/2 inches. The clasp and jump rings will add about 1 inch.

So watch and learn with Margot Potter of TheImpatientCrafter TM – DIY for the short attention span crowd!

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