Why buy Venetian – Murano Glass Beads

Authentic Murano Glass Bead,Venetian Glass Beads

Authentic Murano Glass Beads – Made in the Fire!

Why buy authentic Murano Glass Beads? Or rather, why buy anything else?

Many of our customers are designers who sell their Venetian Jewelry in the fairs and shows around the world. Sometimes they fall in love with Swarovski, but it is everywhere and hard to make a name for yourself with such a ubiquitous commodity; and in the words of Brenda “an accent” bead! Yes they are “perfetto” but they are machine made and in the words of one of our glass blowers in Murano ‘Non ha un cuore’ (It does not have a heart!).

The love of Murano glass is all about heart. Why else would our blowers and bead makers work in hot furnaces, in front of hot torches creating our little jewels?

  • Certainly there are easier ways to make a living?
  • Certainly there are occupations where everyone isn’t a critic of your labor of love?
  • Each piece is a small work of art, never to be repeated again exactly, like snowflakes.
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Murano Glass Beads – Irresistible Colors

When you make jewelry with our genuine Murano Glass Beads, you aren’t just making jewelry, you are carrying on a tradition of centuries. When you sell this jewelry, you aren’t just selling pieces of jewelry, you are selling the Romance that is Venice, the history of centuries, the legends, the state secrets of making glass that could get you killed in the middle ages.

To our glass workers, the glass is alive, it reacts differently each day, and never tamed, some days it just allows you a little more control.

And let’s face it no one ever proudly advertised that they have “Chinese Beads” and even Czech while again available everywhere, simply doesn’t carry the allure or Romance of Venetian Beads. Venice has such a history, and though they were not the first in the world to make beads, they certainly influenced the design and production of beads since about the 10th Century.
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Our Blown Beads are Made in the Furnace!

Remind them that Marco Polo traveled to China taking beads! Remember that Manhattan was purchased with beads! Venetian Beads were the currency in Africa, known as Trade Beads. And we still make them pretty much the same way as then. Now that’s something to talk about with your customers.
Having Venetian Beads in your design gives you a story to tell. When you are at that hot and dusty Craft Fair, the sparkle under the sunlight will bring your customers in and your ability to weave the history of Venice will help you sell your jewelry. And when you wear our Venetian Beads, you have a story to tell, the story of the artisans of Murano who have been making glass since 1293.
We hope our behind the scenes of the history and how our beads and sterling silver along with the trials and tribulations of daily life in Venice will help our designers and customers. Use the resources on our website to learn more about Venice and you’ll be able to talk to your customers, or just tell your friends why you chose Venetian Beads.
Here are some resources on our website which will be helpful:
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  2 comments for “Why buy Venetian – Murano Glass Beads

  1. maridesb
    February 15, 2019 at 9:44 am

    Every thing said above here is true. I have been holding shows for the past years and the wonder, beauty and splendor of your beads still enchant me. My friends and customers say that the sparkle In my Eye, the stories I tell and the history I relate of each piece make them so irresistable. My beads always stand out so I make sure they know what to say to those who admire them.
    I have been a Bead collector for the past 35 yrs and truly I always manage to reach out for them even when I live far away. Thank you Melanie for sharing and helping me In my passion . (Your Philippine friend)

    • February 15, 2019 at 4:05 pm

      Thanks so much Marie. It makes our day and our bead makers to have someone appreciate their work. We wish you the best in your business. ps Mel and I will be there working the end of February and we’ll post some great pictures for all of you.

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