Inventory Shows – Or Notify when Available?

Well after months of telling everyone we were going to implement Inventory on we DID it!

It may not be pretty for a short while as we sort out any inaccurate stock counts here in our warehouse. But it just gets better as we work on it. So ever so often, a product may say it has inventory – but alas when we get to that bin, well it either as miraculously gotten legs and climbed into another bin or we just do not have it.

Inventory Shows on the Product Page

Inventory Shows How Many Are Available

But What happens when we are out of stock?

Well there are 2 things. It we never expect to get it again, it simply disappears from the site. This happens for many reasons, all having to do with suppliers. Sometimes a supplier simply retires or worse! Sometimes the quality of the supplier or delivery is unreliable and just working with them is too hard, so we move on!  But it we are only temporarily out of stock. Here’s how it looks!

Out of Stock Items – Add Me to Waiting List

What happens when stock arrives?

When new stock arrives and is received into our inventory, you will automatically be notified that it is available. You will get an email notifying you. Then it’s 1st come 1st served! Inventory is adjusted daily.


Adding an item to your Basket or Wish List or Saved Basket does NOT reserve the item for you. It is only yours when you place the order. Up until then, someone else can swoop in and buy all we have!

The Small Print

Occasionally, even when we say we have stock, there are circumstances where we will not have the quantity. Sometimes when we are picking, we discover defects in the beads, or if we are matching sizes for you. we may not have the quantity in matched sizing. Since our items are all handmade, there will always be little issues. 

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