EU Shipping and Vat Info

Hooray! We have finally been successful in obtaining the necessary VAT number to once again ship to the EU. That was a major undertaking that I am sure caused me more grey hair. We can ship packages values at under €150 through our international parcel consolidator.


Our website will now charge VAT at the rate in your EU country. It will be displayed as you checkout. VAT is also charged on shipping. If you have a VAT # already, be sure to send to us. And we will use that number in our shipments.

NOTE: VAT will show as a separate line called “Taxes” As we do not include any taxes in the price of an item which is how the US works. And this is how we must report to your country’s tax agency. It will always be a separate line item at the end of your order.

We collect and submit the VAT directly to your country. This is accomplished for us by a third party known as an IOSS which is authorized by the EU. Below are the rates as of 9-24-21.


Packages with a value over the €150 cannot be shipped via our international parcel consolidator. We can ship USPS Priority Mail International or through various carriers such as FedEX, DHL, or UPS. The VAT will be collected by these carriers before delivery.

In the event that your order is over the €150, and that our website adds VAT to the order. You will not be charged by us. As most of you know, we only get an authorization at the time of the order, but we will process your credit card for only the amount of the order plus the shipping, not including the VAT.


The good news is that we can once again use our international parcel consolidator for much more advantageous shipping rates. Shipping is of course, based on the weight of the parcel. Here is the international parcel shipping costs to Europe (Other rates apply to the UK, Australia and other Pacific Countries)

Shipping Rate in US $$ and based on US – Weight in Pounds. 16 Ounces = 1 Pound

I am sure we will have some hiccups as we learn more about this and we will make adjustments and corrections as we need to.

I am hoping we can resolve the UK quickly. We are awaiting registration of our VAT # in the UK. We’ll keep you posted.

I am just happy that we can once again ship to all our valued customers in the EU.

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