Blowing Glass – Looks Simple? Right?

Making Glass Blowing Look Simple

Watching these guys makes it look like play. Watch as they make authentic mouthblown Murano Glasses. Glass blowing is teamwork, the Maestro (the one who sits at the bench) and his servente, basically anyone not sitting at the bench. In more complicated pieces there may be 4 or 5 who comprise the Piasa, in dialect or Piazza in italian. Watching a Piazza in action is like watching a ballet, just with glass heated to about 1900 Fahrenheit being swung around.

Father and son work on this team in a classic family business in Murano. The father owned his own furnaces until he retired and the son was a Maestro at some of the most well known furnaces in Murano. Additionally, they make some of our most beautiful beads. As you see them here working they do not have a traditional furnace, they work with Cotisso (shown below) which is chunks of glass which have been premade and they just need to melt it in order to blow the glass. The chunks are bought from the same Murano furnace that makes canes for our beads. It just saves a step in the process.

Their years in the furnace making vases, wine glasses, animals, all the things in the furnace have given them the experience to make even our small beads. We all love their outside spirals beads shown below. They are the specialty of the son. His work in the Venini furnace taught him all about control of the glass. They are so perfect they look like a machine made them.

We are delighted to add these glasses to our inventory and hope you will enjoy them as we do. You can find them on our website at

Murano Mouthblown Glass
Mouthblown Murano Glass for your table

Below are the incredible exterior spiral beads that we just love. To see them: Click this link

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