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Why Buy Murano – Venetian Beads

Playing with Fire, Making Beads

We published this article a few years ago, but it is still valid. I was prompted to update it when a reader on our FaceBook Page commented on a  picture of beads and saying “wow so expensive, i find these places …. i go to garage sales, and regular stores and can get some amazing glass beads…

A View of Murano Glass Tool Making

Roberto Donà Murano Tool Maker

Roberto Donà created this tool making video in honor of his late father Carlo Donà, his family has been making tools for the furnaces and bead makers of Murano for 90 years. The tools must be strong, created for specific uses in production furnaces on Murano, and must survive the daily use in the furnaces. Roberto…

Dichroic – Where Old Meets New

We took dichroic glass back to Venice after we encountered Jerry Sandberg and saw the beauty in this new decoration. Fortunately, Jerry Sandberg had begun working on dichroic for artist in the early 1970s. He was working at a vacuum-coating laboratory in southern California in the solar cell industry when he saw an artist digging…

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