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Jewelry Making Refresher on Conversion Terms

Conversions for Jewelry Making, Inches to Meters, Millimeters to Inches

Just a little refresher on terms we use in jewelry making. Math, it turns out, is also useful for jewelry making. Conversions Factors To Go From To Multiply By Carats DWT 0.128603 Carats Grams 0.2 Feet Millimeters 304.8 Feet Meters 0.3048 Grams Carats 5 Grams DWT 0.6430149 Grams Troy Ounces 0.03215075 Inches Millimeters 25.4 Inches…

To Anneal or Not to Anneal – a very good question?

Flash Annealing Venetian Glass Beads

This is a question we get often, especially from new beaders who have just been their first bead show.¬†Are all¬†Venetian Beads are annealed. She had heard that annealing makes the beads stronger. What is annealing? The word comes from the metallurgy and materials science where it has long been recognized it increases the metals ductility…