Jewelry Making Refresher on Conversion Terms

Conversions for Jewelry Making, Inches to Meters, Millimeters to Inches

Just a little refresher on terms we use in jewelry making. Math, it turns out, is also useful for jewelry making.

Conversions Factors
To Go From To Multiply By
Carats DWT 0.128603
Carats Grams 0.2
Feet Millimeters 304.8
Feet Meters 0.3048
Grams Carats 5
Grams DWT 0.6430149
Grams Troy Ounces 0.03215075
Inches Millimeters 25.4
Inches Meters 0.0254
Millimeters Inches 0.03937008
Millimeters Feet 0.00328084
Meters Inches 39.37008
Meters Feet 3.28084
DWT Carats 7.775869
DWT Grams 1.555174
DWT Troy Ounces 0.05
Troy Ounces DWT 20
Troy Ounces Grams 31.10348

Or you can easily use to get an exact convered number. For example today I needed to know how many feet were on a spool of leather that was 25 Meters so I could decide how many 17 inch necklaces I could make.

So multiple 25 Meters by 39.37008 is 984.252 Inches so if I am quite accurate when I cut, I can make 57.8971765 (I think I will stick with 57 necklaces).

For a printable PDF of this you can print and keep Click Here

  2 comments for “Jewelry Making Refresher on Conversion Terms

  1. paxangel
    May 27, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks for the conversion list. So often I need this but, having forgotten the last time I used it, was on the hit for the list again. I marked it this time & printed it out.

  2. May 27, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Yes, we all forget these little helpful tables. Sometimes I just make a picture with my phone so I can have with me. Thanks and best of luck with your jewelry making.

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