How To Use a Crimp Cover

Crimping is an easy way to finish off your beading wire to make it secure, however the result in a flat tube which sits next to the ends of your jewelry. Sometimes those little tubes have rough edges which just drive you nuts as they rub against your neck.

So I always add add a Crimp Cover. First it looks better, it appears to be a small 2 or 3mm bead at the end of your string instead of a piece of hardware and second, it eliminates any rough edges that may be left when you crimp and make it smoother to wear.

Here’s how to add the Crimp Bead. It’s basically a little clam shell that you close around the crimp tube.


You can find our selection of crimp covers online at VenetianBeadShop.

These small details mean the difference between a classy finish of your jewelry and distinguish your beadwork as elegant rather than a hastly crafted piece.

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Looks Like Tiffany’s – made by ME!


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