How To Use a Crimp Tube

Using a crimp tube is an easy way to finish off your beading wire securely. It does take a little practice, but done properly, it also look professional. I prefer to use a wire protector along with the crimp. Be sure you thread the crimp on before you thread the wire through the wire protector and then back through the crimp. I also like to carry the wire through the first bead. As you can see in the instructions below. While it may not be needed for strength, I prefer the finished look.

But How do you crimp the tubes.

How To Use a Crimp Tube

Steps to Use the Crimp Tube

To propertly complete the crimp tube, Continue with these instructions. See the closeup for how the wires should be separated for a strong crimp.

Make Sure the two Wires are Separated as Shown Here

Make Sure the two Wires are Separated as Shown Here

Crimp Tubes, How to Crimp a Tube

Using the crimp tube is a great and easy way to secure your jewelry, but to really finish off your jewelry, we suggest using the Crimp Bead which hides the tube. It appears as just a small silver or gold bead at each end of your jewelry.

Here’s how to add the Crimp Bead. Visit our blog

These small details mean the difference between a classy finish of your jewelry and distinguish your bead work as elegant rather than a hastily crafted piece.

You can fine Crimp Tubes on our Website. We have a variety of sizes and materials to match your designs and the tools you need: SHOP NOW

My goal is to always have the jewelry I make look like it came from Tiffany’s!


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