Show Time

Well a few years ago we quit doing shows. The travel, shipping 800-1200 pounds of beads to far away places and night flights had lost their appeal.

Setting Up Day ! Just tables and space.

Setting Up Day ! Just tables and space.

But this weekend, we did our first show. It was very close, only 2 miles from our shop. If we had a lot of time to think about it, we might have talked ourselves out of doing the show. But we were offered a booth 3 days before the show opened.

We packed up some 70 trays of Venetian Beads, leaving our warehouse intact for shipping our online orders.

Trays, Bar Codes, Computer? Check!

Trays, Bar Codes, Computer? Check!

Jocelyn and Melanie took turns working the show, a first for both of them. And the the first time we have seen the faces of many of our customers who usually order online. Setting up was like ‘old home week, so many of the vendors are still there, many whom we have known for 20 years. We all just look a little older.

Jocelyn ready to Open

Jocelyn ready to Open

Thanks to all our customers who stopped by, some who had been our customers since we started in our garage in 1993! We enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting new faces.


And Melanie whom many of you know from the cheerful voice on our phone.

Melanie Ready for Opening

Melanie Ready for Opening

And the next generation of bead show workers, our very own Marcella, whom many of you know as our ‘CellaBella who has really been working here since she was 2 and would pick her favorite beads every day. In those days she could only reach 2 drawers up so she had no idea what else was here. Now she can process your order!

The lovely 'CellaBella

The lovely ‘CellaBella

Thanks to all of you! And maybe we’ll do another one in the future. Just don’t look for us in New York just yet!

If you couldn’t make it, you can still buy all these beautiful beads at VenetianBeadShop

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  1. Whiskers
    August 29, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Drool, drool, slobber and drool.


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