Photography of your Venetian Jewelry or Beads

Murano Glass Beads Aqua Basilica Necklace

If you are like most of us, you do not have a photography staff or a person dedicated to photoshop or some similar program.

Over the years, we have always done our own photography. Glass unlike any other medium is extremely difficult to photograph as lights give reflections or your face shows in the image. And then editing the photograph requires patience and time. We have used image companies who will cut out the background of the photos, but that times time and more money.

On a whim, I started playing with an phone app called “PhotoRoom”. There is a free version which you can download to try. After experimenting with it, I moved up to “Professional” because it works so well.

After the time we all take to create our jewelry, simplifying the photography removes the stress. I still spend lots of time on photoshop to cutout the part this app doesn’t quite see. Then there is the issue that if the piece has crystal clear glass, the app things it is not part of the piece. In that case I use a colored background, but even then, the color may show through and require work with photoshop.

You can start by making a photo with your phone or you can select a photo from your photo album and play around with the free app. It also has backgrounds and the ability to post directly to

Here is an example of some photos that I have used.

Home Screen and Jewelry after the background is removed

It has templates for Shopify, Poshmark, eshop, depo and many more. For these marketplaces, you could easily upload directly as well as Facebook. But since we sell our own webshops, I have to go through a few more steps.

I make the photo and save on my photos which are automatically saved on my icloud account. (If you use a different system, it probably works similarly.) But what a time saver. If you have a favorite one you can send us yours and why you like it.

These pieces are ready to go on the web.

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  1. J. Johnson
    April 3, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    The free version is only a 7-day free trial. I thought there might be a stripped down free version, given the ‘upgrade to pro’, but no. But it does remove the background easily, but I’m still too small to justify paying for the app, given all my other photo sw I have. My issue is not the background but getting the photo of the jewelry right the first time, but I’ve figured out ways to do that using the phone camera in pro mode.

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