Basilica Beads – How they are made.

When we were working with our bead maker, we made this short video. It gives you some idea of the steps involved in making a complicated bead like this. But even before she sits down to turn on the “canello” the torch used in Murano, she has already assembled the fragments of mosaic canes, color fragments and the 24kt gold foil used on the bead. And she has preheated these fragments so they do not shock the base bead when they are attached. The slices of millefiori are added individually. The tool attached to the cane in the beginning is just a way to use even the short pieces of cane. The tools used to create the shape are made by a tool maker in Murano who is following in his father’s footsteps and without whom, we would be lost.

Making our Basilica Murano Glass Beads

Why are they called Basilica? If you have ever been to Piazza San Marco just looking at the mosaics above the huge doors will give you a clue. And once you enter into the Basilica San Marco, taking a look at the incredible gold and mosaic work on the domes you can definitely see the similarities.

Basilica San Marco with over 8,000 of Meters of Mosaics

The gold is exterior on these fabulous beads and the colors are perfect for the summer season. We made a bracelet with the blues and the design instructions are free.

You can find the instructions on the link to the photos as well as below on that page, you can order the beads. Here are a couple other examples of jewelry (design available on our website, just click on the photo).

Gold and Multi Mosaics Basilica Bracelet

And this over-the-top necklace in Aqua is equally as easy to make.

Aqua Basilica Necklace (Click on Photo for Design Instructions)

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