Making Venetian Bead Wedding Wine Charm

Here are some examples of wine charms we used for a family wedding. Actually, once we got started it was hard to stop. We made about 125 pieces. They do take time, but we learned a few things. Obviously, we used some Murano Glass Beads on each charm, but the silver toned charms and colored ones we bought at a crafts store.

Some of the finished Wine Charms – Note the crystals glued on each end

I looked at some premade charms, but decided that the closure on the premade charms wouldn’t be ideal for people to use. It makes them secure, but after a few toasts, might be a real skill test. And the curve/twist would not accommodate the 1mm hole of our Murano Glass Beads. And I definitely wanted to use some Murano Glass Beads. So I cannibalized the premade charms and used the dangles for accent. You might also notice that the charms that came with the premade ones do not dangle with the inscriptions to the front, so I added 5mm jump rings.

Premade Wine Charms

To begin with, you need memory wire. Sorry the memory wire we normally stock is 24 gauge and I didn’t feel it was strong enough to use. So at the craft store, I found rolls of 22 gauge memory wire which is stronger. Cut your wire so that you have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch overlap.

Cutting Memory Wire and Gluing Crystals

Glue a 4mm or 5mm crystal on one end so that your beads and charms do not fall off as you assemble the charms. We used E6000 but any glue that says it is for glass to metal works. Or you can use Gorilla glue which comes in small tubes easily applied. Apply glue to the end with a toothpick or just insert the end directly into the glue tube.

After the crystal dries, then just slide on your beads and charms. As you can see in our finished charms, we made the somewhat symmetrical, using Murano Glass 6x4mm rondelles which easily slide on. For the other Murano Beads we wire wrapped them so they slide on and dangle. (Yes for this family wedding, I think I made about 300 wire wraps. I think my skill level improved. :>)

The beads you choose are up to you. I wandered through our warehouse choosing some brightly colored beads that would lay flat on the wine stem, a lot of coins, squares, stars and a couple of hearts. Somewhere around #100, the designs became even more random. But as you can see even those are “charming”. Before beginning I sorted items by colors.

Choosing Colors and patterns

With the outdoor venue and flowers, all our charms were perfect. We put a wine charm on each champagne flute which had been engraved with the couple’s name and the guests were invited to take the flute and the wine charms home to remember the day.

Guest Tables with Champagne Flutes and Wine Charms

Seems I am not out of the wine charms business as there is a follow up party in the bride’s hometown. I think I have another 150 to make.

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