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Everything about our Venetian Beads, working with our bead makers, New Styles, Shapes and Designs

A View of Murano Glass Tool Making

Roberto Donà Murano Tool Maker

Roberto Donà created this tool making video in honor of his late father Carlo Donà, his family has been making tools for the furnaces and bead makers of Murano for 90 years. The tools must be strong, created for specific uses in production furnaces on Murano, and must survive the daily use in the furnaces. Roberto…

Designing Beads with our Bead Makers

Beadmaking Murano Glass Beads with Millefiori

                We enjoy a very privileged friendship with our bead makers in Venice and Murano. Doing business internationally has it risks, there are no “laws” which cover commerce with individuals and small groups. It’s all about relationships and believe me you don’t want to burn one of those…

Video: Zanfirico Curved Tubes Murano Glass Beads -the Art of Bead Making

Video of Making Venetian Beads, Zanfirico Murano Glass Beads

Sometimes making Murano beads is like one of those games you play where you try to see the differences between two cartoons. Or “one of these things is not like the other”. We were working on a slightly different version of one of our zanfirico* beads to make it a little more production friendly. Two…

How to Blow Your Own Beads!

Watch as our bead makers blown beads on the torch. This is an altogether different method than our beads in the canna production. This is a more artistic production, with multi-colors of canes making varied colored designs. Truly no two ever exactly alike.  Our Boro Glass beads are made in this tradition as are many…

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