Which Direction does the Hole Go?

Ever so often a customer’s question reminds us that while we are familiar with our beads, and what appears to us to be obvious is definitely NOT, especially to new beaders!

We learn from all your questions. And a picture is always a good idea. So, here are a couple of tips on using our authentic Murano Glass Beads. Click on the pictures to go to the website where you can not only buy the beads, but you can download and print a PDF which includes components needed and basic instructions.

Squares, Rectangles

Use can use them vertically or horizontally. When we think of these often we think about making bracelets where they certainly lay end to end. But if we show them in the picture with the holes horizontal, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it so the hole goes vertically. This is how we use for earrings.


And for bracelets, they are simply turned on the side. Here’s a design where we used these same beads in a bracelet.


Rounds, Ovals, Coins

The same applies to rounds and ovals and our coins. If the hole goes through the center, then it can be used easily for both bracelets and earrings.

Free Design Yellow Daisy Bracelet

Make a Bracelet

And you can make matching earrings as well.

Easy to Make Earrings

Make Earrings

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