Venetian Beads and Pantone Winter Colors

Top10 colors Pantone Winter 2018/2019

Pantone Colors Fall-Winter 2018-2019

I can skip the yellows….my least favorite and it is a hard color for us to make in Venetian Beads. The “Quetzal Green” had me a bit perplexed, but I looked it up and it could either mean

  1. a bird of the trogon family, with iridescent green plumage and typically red underparts, found in the forests of tropical America.
  2. the basic monetary unit of Guatemala, equal to 100 centavos.

So I am going with the bird, for me it is a “teal” and our G6 or G26 will give you a similar color.

And below is a chart that shows you how we use metals to give us the colors. Gold Foil always makes the color richer, Silver Foil makes the color brighter and White Gold Foil gives us a soft/satin look. The numbers you see below the color names are the numbers for the canes of glass we buy to make the beads.

VenetianBeadShop Colors 24kt Gold Foil Beads

Color Variation with Metals

We have our own series of numbers which we use. Had I been clever enough when we started, I would have used the Moretti numbers as it would make working with our bead makers easier. Our color codes table you can find online at Color Chart (Click Here)  So for each color of Moretti Glass, we use the prefix “G” “S” or “WG” to achieve the results. Our Spring and Summer Line drops the Prefix for gold, silver or white gold because we only mix Moretti Colors for these.

VenetianBeadShop,MuranoGlassBeads,Making Beads

Making Beads is Hot Work

Having given you this detail guide, it is not quite so easy. Just so you know, each batch of glass as it arrives to our bead makers from Effetere (aka Moretti Glass) is slightly different. Reds are the most difficult of all. The amount of moisture in the air, the salt content of the air in the lagoon, the purity of the minerals used, and the heat at which they melt the minerals all contribute for a slight difference. And then there is the bead maker whose eye watches the bright red color, because that is the color of molten glass and knows just when it is ready. Again the temperature, how long they re-fire it and a myriad of other things affect the final bead. It is what makes these Murano Glass Beads!

  2 comments for “Venetian Beads and Pantone Winter Colors

  1. Whiskers
    November 5, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks for the “how things are made” lesson. Inquiring minds enjoy learning.


    • November 6, 2018 at 12:06 am

      Glad you like, we feel like the more you know about the art, the more you will like our beads ;>)


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