Pantone® Fashion Color Report Spring 2015

Great Colors for Spring/Summer 2015 from Pantone®

Great Colors for Spring/Summer 2015 from Pantone®

Time to get started on your projects for spring. Here’s Pantone’s choices. You’ll find these colors featured in clothing, accessories like handbags and shoes in all the department stores. You can make your own jewelry to match, just follow these color trends.

You can download and print a PDF of this to have handy by the computer as you shop, or put in your purse to take with you to the store. Click Here for printable: PANTONE_Spring_2015_VenetianBeadShop

We have taken these colors and matched both Swarovski Crystals as well as our own authentic Murano Glass Beads to make it easy for you to shop complimentary colors. Just click on any color to shop. VenetianBeadShop


The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color Whether you are designing jewelry to sell or making jewelry for yourself and friends, the numbers in this chart are fascinating. And you might even learn something about yourself.

This infographic was compiled from several online sources (the credits are at the bottom of the infographic). Psychology of Color Infographic. “A lot more is going on behind the scenes than just aesthetic. Powerful psychological cues are triggered when we view different colors.” from

Take a look at the logos that we all know from major brands and learn why they chose these colors. Is it any surprise that Blue is a favorite of men? Or that Green is the color associated with environmental friendly companies (or those wanting to appear as environmentally friendly) or that Red is the choice for so many international brands?

Why do companies choose Red?

Why do companies choose Red?


Pantone,Swarovski,Spring 2015,Color Trends,Venetian Beads

Color Trends Spring 2015




With 93% purchases based on color, there’s no wonder everyone from furniture makers, carpet manufacturers and of course jewelry and fashion designers live by the Pantone® Forecast and Trends. (You can find the Spring 2015 Color Trends on our website.


US Post Office Subsidizes Shipments from China

What happens if Alibaba buys Ebay???ALIBABA and the 40 1 Thief:

The ongoing rumors of Ebay being bought by Alibaba have opened our eyes on how exactly a Chinese seller on Ebay can offer free shipping on an item which they sell for under $2.00, though this dates back a couple of years.  And to just why Alibaba might be interested in Ebay, as they would acquire this sweetheart of a deal with the USPS, which not even the giant Amazon has privy.  (It does seem to me that this entire deal reeks discrimination – via favoritism to certain businesses.) This Alibaba won’t need 40 thieves!

US Postal Rates for 2 ounces within same city

Cost of Shipping 2 Ounces in US

USPS Postal Cost for Chinese Vendors on Ebay

Cost of shipping First Class (with tracking) from China

Just to be fair, I calculated a 2 ounce package (because you can’t ship beads in a letter due to the thickness) from San Jose CA going to San Jose CA.

The cost came up $2.32

But alas if you are a Chinese vendor on ebay, you can ship this same 2 ounces from Hong Kong or mainland China for $.98.

Preferential Treatment:

But this also fosters ebay’s preferental treatment of Chinese vendors – want to know what happens if Alibaba buys Ebay?

Chinese Product Sells for $1.79 and Ships for Free? Who is Paying for Shipping?

Product Sells for $1.79 and Ships for Free? Who is Paying for Shipping?


Ebay currently has no interest in punishing Chinese customers selling fakes or falsely advertising goods. They are ignoring reports and pushing the Chinese vendors to the top of any search. READ IT HERE: If it says it ships from China or HongKong – It’s NOT Murano Glass. If Alibaba owns ebay, they will have even less interest in flooding the market with knockoffs.

So it’s no surprise that ebay sellers in the US are unhappy as they continually see products (yes produced in China) auctioned, or “buy it now” with FREE Shipping. And with Alibaba at the helm, what do you think their motivation will be? They would inherit this sweetheart deal.

USPost Office Announced Deal with China & Ebay

But it’s real and here is the News Release by the US Post Office of this grand agreement.(Click for the USPS-China-Ebay-Agreement announcement directly from the Post Office.) Yes that’s our US Post Office who seems to loose more money each year, wonder why?

And the Washington Post reported the plight of one US business whose sales suddenly ceased. (Click here for WashingtonPost_Report or visit the website)

“The USPS offers this service, called “ePacket,” to foreign postal operators looking to increase global trade with the United States, spokeswoman Darlene S. Casey said in an e-mail. It has proven popular. Between fiscal years 2011 and 2012, China nearly tripled the number of packages sent under this program, from 9.5 million to 26.8 million. Revenues quadrupled. Casey also noted that the USPS relies on business income, not tax dollars, to fund its operations. (It lost another $5 billion last fiscal year.)

But this has still been a money sink for the Postal Service. In 2012, USPS was paid only 94 cents on average for each piece of Chinese ePacket mail, according to a February report from the Postal Service’s inspector general’s office. That report estimated that the Postal Service was losing about a dollar on each incoming item, adding up to a $29.4 million net loss in 2012.”

But wait, it gets even sweeter. For these same unbelievable rates, the Chinese get tracking. Have you seen what sellers in the US have to pay for International shipments tracking? It must be Priority Mail International (where 2 ounces will cost ~$38.90).

Who Approved this Deal?

Yep, this is the same US Post Office who is continually asking the US tax payers for more money as they are loosing money? No joke, they must have been sleeping in their economic classes as shipping more packages at a loss doesn’t help their bottom line. It turns out they pulled this little number some time ago as the announcement is from 2010 and is a TriLateral Agreement between China, Ebay and the USPS.

What does it really mean?

It means that more small sellers in the US are simply disappearing from ebay and other markets. Ebay pushes, extremely hard, to force sellers to offer free shipping. And they encourage you to build in the shipping costs, citing buyer psychology “buyers know the shipping is built in, but want it shipped for free anyway”. That again makes the smaller seller less competitive. And ultimately the USPS looses again because the actual paying customer is gone! While the $.98 paying Chinese is still shipping,but maybe they are still thinking they can make it up in volume!

What can you do about this?

Write your Congress and Senate representatives. Write the USPS and above all do NOT buy goods on ebay from China. Actually not buying from ebay is ok with me too!!!!


Just a Bracelet to You, but…

braceletBeading with Teens:

Late November we got a call at VenetianBeadShop from a Juvenile Detention Center asking if we could donate some beads for a Christmas program with about 10 girls. We were happy to do this.

But…then the call to ask if we could come and show the girls how to make a piece of jewelry. Ok, that required some thought, now we are not only responsible for some beads but an entire piece of jewelry and show girls who may never have made jewelry how to make it. The piece had to be easy to put together, no wire wrapping, no knotting, something everyone could do and in a short time as well as something they could feel good about as a finished project (no small task).

Security Checks:

Then came the bureaucracy, rules: 1) A complete list of everything we were bringing 2) Drivers License and 3) Consent to a background check.

There was no information provided other than the girls ranged from 13 to 18 and by early December the girls participating grew to 15.

OK, making jewelry requires tools – will the tools be allowed inside JV? Finally we decided on a memory wire bracelet which we precut and would need only glue for the ends. But what beads would they want?

Sorry to say, we decided to go more bling and less Venetian and we found ourselves in the aisles of craft stores a few times in the days leading up to the program with our investment growing daily. We wanted each girl to have the same components and by now we had decided to make 2 bracelets, one for the holidays and one for spring in aquas and blues and velvet bags to store them.


Trial Run in our Bead Shop Kitchen!

Trial Run:

As a trial run, my two granddaughters were given the kits and we timed how long it took them to make bracelets and how much help they needed. Our trial run was a great exercise as we discovered many of the beads would slip right over the bead on the end, so we opted for wire looping to close off the bracelets (oh no, can we take wire wrapping pliers inside?). And that we needed bead mats for each girl. (Fortunately we stock these.)

Not without a bit of anxiety, we headed off to JV – anxiety as to whether the girls would enjoy this program.

The anxiety was needless. Arriving a few minutes before the scheduled time, we were informed that the girls were waiting on us and anxious to get started. There is a school room inside with tables ideal for the class.

The counselors were impressive, though I am sure each day they go home needing a diversion – maybe beading?? Each girl introduced herself and told the group how she felt (a list of acceptable terms was handed to each girl). This was to help set the tone for the program and so the counselors would understand any behavior (I think). They were articulate and verbalized how they felt as well as why.

Some said “sad” because they were not going home for the holidays, or “angry” because their families had not come to see them or to pick them up. (If we had asked me to verbalize how I felt, it would have been intimidated and scared. The walk through the department to their dormitory did nothing to improve this.)

venetianbeadshop bead Kits

They opened their kits and began working like Santa’s Elves. Each girl had a different approach, as those of you who teach beading know. 15 Girls and 15 different bracelets. Some opted for a single color and they swapped beads across the room and rummaged through the extra beads we carried. Unfortunately no cameras are allowed in the facility as the bracelets they made were beautiful, each one unique. And the bling factor was definitely a hit.

As they worked we talked about how the beads are made, how all jewelry is made. They were fascinated that many of VenetianBeadShop’s customers earn a living by making jewelry to sell and that our suppliers support their families in Italy by making beads. And that this is within their reach.

At the end of the program, the girls went around the room again describing how they felt while making the bracelets and for whom they made them. It was clear from their words that the diversion from hours of boredom was welcomed. It gave them some time away from the problems of their troubled lives. Some were made for family members, even if those same family members had not been to visit. And they were happy to have gifts they could give, after all they can’t go shopping. They were unanimous that they would like to make more jewelry.

This time, we got our turn to say how we felt: amazed at their resilience, at their ability to create and HAPPY to have spent time with them.

And we all know how making jewelry is therapeutic and maybe a bit addictive. And not necessarily just a bracelet…

Looking forward to our next visit.

(Sorry, we do no sell the kit – it was just random beads we had and bells/charms we bought to bling it out.)

How to Blow Your Own Beads!

Watch as our bead makers blown beads on the torch. This is an altogether different method than our beads in the canna production. This is a more artistic production, with multi-colors of canes making varied colored designs. Truly no two ever exactly alike.  Our Boro Glass beads are made in this tradition as are many of our Christmas Ornaments, like the blown Hearts, and wine bottle stoppers.

Fusing Canes to Blow BeadsWith our production in canna it is very precise, rows of canes are laid down and fused together, the canes produce very straight lines, which we can change by twisting as they are blown, making different shapes, but the canes essentially maintain their design form. These beads are from the canna method, you can see how the lines are maintained, twisted but still very precise.


Each of the blown beads is annealed for strength and to prevent breakage. They make beautiful Venetian Jewelry and Decorations. Just hang one in your window and enjoy!

Take a look at our vast selection of Authentic Murano Glass Blown Beads.


Let’s Make Some Beads

Take a look as we work with the bead makers for new ideas, new shapes.

tools for making beadsFirst you must choose the form and the glass canes. There are forms called pinze for every size of each form, for example in hearts we have from 8mm, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 to 35mm+.

The color of the beads turn to a bright red in the flame, making it hard to distinguish the decorations. For example this heart is two colors, black and white, but in the flame it appears as a single bright red heart.
murano glass heartMurano,Venetian,Beads








Reheating Murano Glass Beads in the FireThe bead must be continually heated in the fire to prevent cracking and to be sure the bead is a constant temperature through out.

Murano Glass,Venetian Glass








For the decorations, first you must prepare the “vetta” which are very tiny rods which must be pulled while hot to make such decorations as roses, dots, thin lines.

Once the beads are completed, they must cool before we can see the actual color.

Below are some samples from today. Watch for these out our website shortly. Once we have decided on the forms, shapes and colors, then we write the order and they begin production. In general it takes us about 4-6 weeks for the first production.
Samples Venetian Glass Beadssamples_Oct14

Halloween Bracelet – Skulls & Charms

Free Design Project from VenetianBeadShop

Make This Bracelet for Halloween

For some people Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Count us in, we love dressing the kids up and strolling through the neighborhood. We have even taken Halloween costumes to the kids in Murano – now thanks to the same manufacturers who flood our markets with costumes, Venetians can find them locally.

While it’s still a mainly US holiday, the Venetian children do enjoy the treats (much like they get on San Martin Day, 11 November when the kids go to all the stores and receive treats).

We incorporated our authentic Murano Glass Skulls in a varying colors and our TierraCast Antiqued Silver Plated Pewter Charms. To make it even easier, we started our with our Sterling Silver Rolo Charm Bracelet. We attached the charms with jump rings, so you only need to wire wrap our our Venetian Beads.Feel free to change the design. If you want to do this in a gold tone, we have the same charms in gold/or Bronze and use Gold Fill or Gold plated chain.

It is a super Mother-Daughter project, or in my case Grandmother/Marcella/Sydney project. We have a simplified version for the younger set.

Click on this link for the components and a printable PDF of directions – or click on the picture.

Happy Trick or Treating! from all of us at

Wouldn’t you Wubber? Tools of the Trade

Wubber Tools,Bead Tutorial

Watch Patti’s Video to learn How to Use the Wubber Tools

If you are new to beading, you are probably wondering what tools you should buy. While it is best to know that beading is your passion before investing in a tool box stuffed with pliers, cutters, etc, good tools can help your jewelry projects easier.

The right tool for the job. The Wubbers by Patti are comfortable tools to use, and they were designed for people just like you. Watch this short video by Patti to learn how to make your own ear wires, scrolls and loops for bracelets and necklaces.

Click on the picture for the short video – which will change the way you look at making loops, perfect every time.

VenetianBeadShop is now a Google Trusted Store

Venetian Bead Shop is now a Google Trusted Store

Venetian Bead Shop is now a Google Trusted Store, which offers authentic Murano Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystal Elements, Silver and Gold Findings – everything to make jewelry, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of ontime shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the website, shoppers can hover over the Google Trusted Store badge and see metrics on the store’s shipping and customer service performance. has a 100% rating for excellent service and 98.9 rating for ontime shipping. is proud to be included in this elite group of stores. We have been online since 2000 growing our selection and range of components for making jewelry. As a direct importer, designing many of our own Venetian Beads, we feel this is an endorsement by our customers and will serve to help us grow.

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases. Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

Antique Your Stampings – How to Oxidize Metals

Learn How to Oxidize Your Metal Findings

Learn How to Oxidize Your Metal Findings

Did you ever wonder how jewelry gets that faint, slightly antiqued look? Did you know you can do it yourself.
Try this on small piece before you work on your best jewelry.

What is Oxidation?
It is a chemical reaction where metals is deliberately tarnished or slightly discolored, leaving a patina (finish). It gives the metal that vintage look. Most often oxidation is used to bring out the details of a metal tag, pendant, so that you may see better the details of letters of designs.

How do you oxidize?

Eggs, The Environmentally Friendly Oxidizer

Eggs, The Environmentally Friendly Oxidizer

One of the easiest ways is to use eggs and they are positively environmentally friendly. (Yes eggs!) The sulfur in the egg yolk can give you the vintage effect. Try this first on your small piece. Generally for a couple of pendants, 2 eggs should be sufficient.  (You can stop the process at any point you like the patina you have achieved.)

Boil 2 eggs
Place the pendants in a ziplock bag.
Add the eggs and mash them up.  (If you do not want the pendants and squashed eggs to mix together, put the pendants in a small mesh bag.)
Now wait.  (Do not eat the eggs.)
Sorry VenetianBeadShop does not sell or ship eggs. :>)

Depending on the level of patina you want, will determine the length of time. Even leaving them overnight. (If you want to rush the process, you can microwave for about 10-15 seconds to get the eggs hot which releases the sulfur.)  Wash your jewelry with soap and water when you are done.

If the egg method is too messy for you, maybe Liver of Sulfur is for you.

Liver Sulfur

Liver Sulfur

Liver of Sulfur – What is it?
It is a mixture of potassium sulfide, potassium polysulfide, potassium thiosulfate and potassium bisulfide. Each manufacturer has their own recipe. (Why it is called Liver, I have yet to determine.)

Hazardous: You will need to use more caution.
Liver of Sulfur comes in a liquid and paste, a rock or crystal form. The crystal form has a short shelf life, whereas the liquid or paste have a longer one. The crystal (lump) form is also flammable.

  • Keep away from children or animals
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Avoid spills, avoid getting in your eyes, wearing goggles is advised.
  • Use only in a well ventilated room
  • Be sure the item you want to oxidize is clean. Dropping the pieces into hot water not only help clean them, but the heated pieces will take the color faster.
  • Follow the directions on the liver sulphur. It will work best if the water you use is hot.
  • Use a plastic or wooden stick to mix the liver of sulphur with the water.
  • Insert your metal into the mixture.
  • Wait a few minutes – watch as it changes colors and when you are happy with the patina, remove it, be sure you have the gloves on. (Remove with a plastic spoon or tongs.)
  • Rinse the item thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Finally, polish the pieces. There are multiple ways to polish, steel wool, brass brush. Be sure to use the brass brush wet, so you don’t leave marks.

Cautions: Do not use reuse the container for any edible products. Mark it Liver of Sulfur – so no one accidentally uses it. For the full list of Warnings required by law of our Liver of Sulfur gel can be read here. Fine Print

For proper environmentally correct disposal of liver of sulfur, read the label on your liver of sulfur, some are easily neutralized with baking soda, but as each manufacturer has slightly ingredients, it is best to read the label.

You can use this on all copper or silver, fine and sterling and it also works on Precious Metal Clay (PMC). Copper will change color more quickly than silver.

This is not an exact science and the outcome will vary each time – depending on the strength of the liver of sulfur, heat of the water, minerals in the water and your attitude (not altitude). Just give it a try and have fun.


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