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What began as a fascination with the glass of Murano has become a way of life. Our webstore has all you will need to make jewelry, quality findings, stringing materials, Swarovski Crystals and a lot more, but our main focus is the Venetian Glass Bead. We have been an integral part in promoting Venetian glass beads throughout the world as well as helping to breathe new life into traditional Venetian techniques. A few years ago, we introduced our line of Venetian Dichroics to the US through as a result of years of efforts with our beadmakers in Murano. We continue to bring new and innovative ideas to this age old industry. Most recently, we developed the Furnace Glass along with our partner furnace in Venice. It's a blend of old glass making techniques to work with new fashion ideas. We remain a family owned business located in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, CA, USA where we have been importing Venetian Glass and Murano Glass commercially since 1993. Our wholesale showroom has the largest collection of Venetian Beads on display anywhere.

Cheap Rates from China – Dianne Feinstein Answer? or Non-Answer?

US Postal Rates for 2 ounces within same city

Since I believe that our elected officials should hear what concerns us, I wrote both Mike Honda and Dianne Feinstein. (As normal I get a nothing response….but eventually they do respond.) So that you can all see exactly her response I have copied it EXACTLY here. It is not a surprise. Basically Honda and Feinstein both…

23 Years and Counting – Happy Anniversary to Us!

Venetian Bead Shop Celebrates 23 Years!

This August marks 23 years that we have been working in Murano and Venice with our wonderful bead makers. It started as a hobby, well not even that, friends wanted the beautiful necklaces that I had bought in Murano. Little did I know that loading my bags with goodies for friends would lead 1)a change…

Making of a Millefiori Bead

Millefiori Beads,Mosaic Beads,Murano Glass Beads,Making Beads,Millefiori Canes

What goes into making a millefiori bead? What are they always different? What makes them smooth? and other questions you’ve always wanted to know about millefiori! First the canes must be made. And since there are many different opaque millefiori slices of canes used in this particular millefiori bead, well there are about 120 opaque canes that…

How to Use a Safety Chain on PerlaVita Bracelet

This is one of my new favorite products, the safety chain for our PerlaVita Bracelets. Most of us have a little trouble putting on a bracelet and taking it off. There are “bracelet buddy” tools, someone in your household who helps you or your co-worker who comes to your aid but this little Safety Chain…

Calcedonia Glass – Technique from the 15th Century, Lost and ReFound!

Calcedonia Murano Glass Sculptures,Rosin,San Marco Square,Venetian Glass

     Calcedonia (Chalcedony) is a glass made with silver and other elements (glass is above all a chemical reaction which takes place in heat), developed in Murano during the mid fifteenth century. Angelo Barovier is attributed with developing this polychrome glass around 1460 (the 15th Century).The Barovier name has been synonymous with Murano Glass since the furnaces…

Jewelry Making Refresher on Conversion Terms

Conversions for Jewelry Making, Inches to Meters, Millimeters to Inches

Just a little refresher on terms we use in jewelry making. Math, it turns out, is also useful for jewelry making. Conversions Factors To Go From To Multiply By Carats DWT 0.128603 Carats Grams 0.2 Feet Millimeters 304.8 Feet Meters 0.3048 Grams Carats 5 Grams DWT 0.6430149 Grams Troy Ounces 0.03215075 Inches Millimeters 25.4 Inches…

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